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Get wiser + build more and bigger leverages = steer better futures

Currently getting more exposure to longevity-focused biotech to maximize the lives surviving up to intelligence explosion.


Software Engineering Generalist. There are engineers who are fascinated by specific stack and don’t care what problem it is applied to; and there are those who, if fascinated by the area, will do whatever it takes to make this damn thing work. I’m type two: infrastracture, distributed computing, ML, front-end – I’ve done it all, and am willing to quickly specialize as needed.

Investing - a leverage that surprisingly many people do not discuss or think about, which at the same time is the closest one to the gears of capitalistic value-creation. Certainly a big possibility of improvement: currently catching up on high-level principles.

Building co-empowering communities, connecting people. How does one find the right people, bring them together and give a skeleton to their interactions to make the tribe thrive and provide value for all it’s members? The power of weak ties isn’t exploited without conscious effort.


Rationality. The most accurate description of this aspect at the moment would be “I’m fascinated by Yudkowsky’s R:A-Z”. It steadily fills up that space in me which most people preserve for religion. No such thing as overnight mind change though: deliberate practice is what makes brain plasticity work for, not against, us.

Awareness practice. Getting out of the fog. Done a 7-day silent retreat, keeping the daily routine of meditation and, surprisingly, becoming happier.

Effective Altruism. Cooperation beats the hell out of defection: exponential returns from self-reinforcing authority, specialization, gains from trade, information sharing, power of weak ties. In this world effective cooperation is the most reliable path towards own goals (and therefore is equivalent to healthy egoism, thus removing the false dichotomy) and EA is the community of like-minded cooperators involved in all sorts of directions.

Other interests